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Chilled & Frozen Beef Cuts

The knowledge about chilled and frozen beef products in E.U. market let us apply cuts accordingly to the client requirements.

We can deliver different beef cuts and we are always trying to understand our client's business to create a longlasting partnership.

Though we are not a big establishment we are able to complete a majority of orders, be flexible, competitive supplier and fast at responding to market changes.

The Dutch Meat Directory

Everything about all meat cuts can be accessed at the very best Dutch catalogue available at: www.hollandmeat.com

The French Meat Directory

Everything about French meat cuts can be accessed at the very best French catalogue available at: www.interviandes.com (Interviandes Poitou-Charentes).

Quality Of Cuts

To deliver both client satisfaction and order completion, we often work for a long time taking into account all important quality issues for product compliance and limiting the risk of a likely to happen discrepancy at regular deliveries.

Matching Clients' Needs

On your request we send pictures of beef cuts and draw up a quotation for your specific requirements, commercial and delivery conditions.

Packaging & Traceability

A standard packaging for frozen products are white corrugated cardboard boxes, all products vacuum-packed. Chilled meat rerquires different solutions i.e. shrink barrier film protection and solid cardboard boxes that can assure easy handling and durability of product. Our labels comply with E.U. labelling rules, which aim at ensuring that consumers get all the essential information
to make an informed choice while purchasing their foodstaffs.

Weight per cardboard box:
- 15 Kg cardboard boxes / FROZEN
- 20 Kg cardboard boxes / CHILLED

For more information on market specific chilled and frozen products we have in our offer please go to the contact or visit our export page.