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Rib-eye Steak

Grilled aged rib-eye steak, patatoes and red vine.

Product description

This is a steak made from Entrecote (rib or prime rib). The cut is specially aged for steaks production, has natural tender and good marbling. Its rich flavour is known throughout the USA and U.K.. The entrecote is also called KING OF ROASTS and present at garden parties, dinner parties or festivities in the season, where it often takes a name of standing rib roast. The roast can be prepared as bone-in rib-eye roast or boneless - rib-eye roast.

The steaks are made from entrecote, either bone-in with small muscle of rib section or boneless and trimmed the manner there is only an eye left in.

Other names for rib-eye steak that you are likely to encounter somwhere else in the world's restaurants are:

- beauty steak
- delmonico steak
- market steak
- shell steak
- Spencer steak

Sales offer

We offer steaks of average weight of 300g.


Frozen product, vacuum packed, cardboard boxes. Weight and quantity per packaging unit are conformed to the client's order.


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