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Tournedo Steak

Tournedo con salsa de pimienta rosa.

Product description

A one of the most delicate steaks.  Tournedos (French) is a smaller center-cut section of tenderloin (filet). The filet lies underneath the ribs alongside the back-bone, paralleling the strip loin; its smaller pointed end starts just past the rib section. As the tenderloin continues down the length of the back, it becomes larger and rounder. The largest portion is the butt end, part of the top sirloin. The tenderloin is well known in France from CHATEAUBRIAND (cut from large center section) or FILET MIGNON (cut small end).

Sales offer

We offer the following steaks:
- tournedo 150g
- tournedo 200g
- tournedo 250g

And additionally derived products:
- tenderloin butt (head)
- tenderloin tip (end)


Frozen product, vacuum packed, cardboard boxes. Weight and quantity per packaging unit are conformed to the client's order.


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