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Porterhouse Steak

Roasted porterhouse steak.

Product description

This is a larger type of T-bone steak. The porterhouse is cut from the middle rear section of the loin and includes a larger section of both the tenderloin (fillet) and the striploin. It gets its name from the old coach stops called porterhouses. In 1814, Martin Morrison, a New York porterhouse keeper, began to serve this steak with ale. Both T-bone and porterhouse steak are tender and flavourful. Unfortunately, after 200 years of its dramatic presence on amarican's tables and in Europe, it is hardly existing in Polish restaurants and scarce on Polish tables if ever seen at all.

Sales offer

We offer steaks cut from Polish cattle. Average weight 400-500g.


Frozen product, vacuum packed, cardboard boxes. Weight and quantity per packaging unit are conformed to the client's order.


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