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Other Steaks

Other Steaks
Matching clients' needs

Other Steaks

Apart from all before mentioned there are many other types of steaks existing in a menu of restaurants in the world. Some of them can be found below. They are listed to correspond to the side of beef they are cut from.

For all cuts and steaks can vary considerably even when they have the same name they are detailed by NAMP terminology in AM or BR english.

Bottom round (br. silverside):
- breakfast steak
- eye round steak
- Manhattan steak

Bottom sirloin butt (br. thick flank):
- bottom sirloin flap steak
- ball tip steak
- tri-tip steak
- cube steak

Chuck (bone-in steaks):
- blade steak
- 7-bone steak
- Texas broil

Chuck (boneless steaks):
- barbecue steak
- cross rib steak
- family steak (center-cut blade roast)
- fluff steak
- patio steak (center-cut blade roast)
- shoulder clod steak
- chuck eye steak

Coulotte (br. knuckle):
- round sirloin tip steak
- sirloin cap steak

- flank steak
- jiffy steak

Ground beef (trimming from different beef cuts):
- Salisbury steak
- cube steak
- minute steak

Hanging tender:
- butcher's steak
- hanger steak
- onglet (fr.)

- ball tip steak
- breakfast steak
- minute steak
- round tip steak
- sandwich steak
- sirloin tip steak

- beauty steak
- delmonico steak
- market steak
- rib-eye steak
- shell steak
- Spencer steak
- cowboy steak

- Manhattan steak
- rump steak
- Swiss steak

Shoulder center:
- ranch-cut steak
- shoulder steak

Shoulder tender:
- butcher's steak
- chuck shoulder steak

Plate (middle belly section):
- skirt steak
- Philadelphia steak

Strip loin:
- club steak
- Delmonico steak
- shell steak
- sirloin strip steak
- Ambassador steak
- boneless club steak
- hotel steak
- Kansas City steak
- New York strip steak
- veiny steak

Tenderloin and strip loin:
- T-bone steak
- Porterhouse steak

- tournedo steaks

Shoulder clod (the large chuck muscle group):
- top blade steak
- book steak
- butler steak
- chicken steak
- flatiron steak
- lifter steak
- petite steak
- top blade grill steak
- top chuck steak

Top round:
- breakfast steak
- butterball steak
- London broil
- minute steak
- round steak
- round tip steak
- sandwich steak

Top sirloin butt:
- petite top sirloin steak
- sirloin butt steak

Tri-Tip (bottom sirloin):
- culotte steak
- triangle steak

Matching clients' needs

A close colaboration with us can result in preparation of steaks according to individual requirements. Precision of cuts, packaging and labelling can be adjusted to local market requirements or culinary tastes.

If you have any question about the steaks we can prepare or you like to discuss a specific customer requirements do not hesitate to contact us.



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