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There are different consumer groups making demand at the local market: Dutch restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants and other numerous catering services. One has to remember that Dutch businesses are one of the world smartest and knowledgable professionals in a field of meat trading within E.U. and South America importation. Their competitive and cost effective market approach succesfully beats the competition and makes them one of the biggest meat exporters in the world.


We specificaly trade with beef tenderloin. All products are deep frozen. Obviously, the chilled meat market also exists in Holland and we send chilled products from time to time as well.

Beef products

- Beef tenderloin 0,9-1,4
- Beef tenderloin 1,4+
- Beef tenderloin heads
- Beef tenderloin tils
- Other products


- T-bone steak
- New York strip steak
- Other steaks

The Dutch Meat Directory

Everything about the Dutch meat and other meat cuts can be accessed at the very best catalogue: www.hollandmeat.com